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R & D Center
Dengfeng City YF Abrasives & Refractory Factory
Zhengzhou YF Abrasives Co., Ltd. has been maintaining excellent quality for 12 years depending entirely on the complete quality system management system. There are difficulties and obstacles at the beginning. But we still insist on principle to keep improvement of quality.

For these years development, our factory have owned strict quality control and test system and supervised by the third party of CCIC.
At present, Yue Abrasives has 4 sets of 3150KVA intelligent CNC dumping furnaces, 2 sets of 2500KVA intelligent CNC fixed furnaces, and 17 modern sand production lines. Our company can provide customized products according to different requirements of clients and can control the quality of raw materials independently.
In 2015, Yue abrasives rebuilt the Japanese standard fine powder production line to meet the high standard requirements of high-end fine grinding enterprises. In order to realize diversified development of products, company has invested in production lines for silicon carbide, accounting for 30 % of the shares.
Ever since YF was established , High Quality and Professional Service have always been our primary principle .Not only have we strict Quality Control and Testing System in plants ,but also established good relationships with the CCIC . In addition ,we can provide various packages as customers'  requirement.
Facilities and Capacity
Facilities and Capacity
Our Brown Fused Alumina Plant has one 400KAV Fixed Furnace , and two 5000 KAV Tilting Furnaces, which can produce at least 3000 MT Brown Fused Alumina and 1000 MT Ferrosilicon Lump per month .
We have 2 full lines for crushing & Sieving process . We have Jaw Crusher ,Roller Crusher, Ball Mill , Barmaq, Raymond Mill, and Sieving lines which can provide any sizes as customer requires . We introduces a production line of Calcined  Brown Fused Alumina , which enables us to have the ability of producing 2000 tons of calcine -Bluefired BFA per month .
Quality Control
Quality Control
We have Quality Control all through the prodcution process
Chemical Analysis of the lumps after fusing .
Particle Size Distribution test during the Miling process
Chemical Analysis before loading and transporting .
We have both Physical Lab and Chemical Lab in our factory to do 
most main Physical and Chemical tests of the prodcuts .
To measure fine dust content on abrasive grains ,we introduced a nephelometer : Turbidimeter TURB 430 IR ,manufacturer by WTW CmbH.
Nephelometer measures turbidity -cloudiness or haziness a fluid caused by individual particles (suspended soilds).
Production Line
Production Line
The site we use to store the Brown Fused Alumina Lumps is constructed with Steel Plate . which can avoid the Calcium pollution if stored on ordinary open ground.
We have several different sieving lines for different types of Brown Fused Alumina 
Third  Party inspection
Third Party inspection
If customer requires Third Party inspection ,such as SGS ,BV or Intertek etc. , we can cooperate with them to do the inspection  of course , the cost of the inspection will  be coverd by negociating between costumers.
Packing and Transporting
Packing and Transporting
Our company can provide any package as customers' requirment , such as 1 MT Bags , 25kg Plastic or Paper Bags , Pallets , Drums etc.
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