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Industrial Application
The refinement & sparation of industrial gases 
Activated carbons are mainly used in the refinement of carbonate gas for beverage ,in the industrial preparation of helium gas for natural gas ,in ozone decomposition ,in separation of carbon dioxide in flue gas etc.

The recovery of the gas 
Ningxia baiyun series activated carbon is application to recover benzene from coal gas ;gasoline ,propane and butane from natural gas ;hydrogen ,argon and other rare gases from synthesis ammonia .

The adsorption of harmful acid or alkaline gases 
Ningxia baiyun series is impregnated activated carbon ,by impregnating different acid or alkaline chemicals,which can effectively treat toxic and harmful industrial waste gas containing hydrogen sulfide(h2s) and conversed catalytically ,and other organic compounds can be adsorbed by activated carbon .

The protection from poisonous gas
Ningxia baiyun series of activated carbon is mainly used for loading canister ,absorber,respirator ,nuclear protective equipment and so on ,playing an important role in industry and military fields.

The deodorization in livestock breeding 
The odor giving off during livestock breeding process,can not only pollute the enviroment around farms ,but also affect animal growth and raising staff's health .Ningxia baiyun series of activated carbon can effectively purify the air of  livestock and poultry farms.
Industrial water
Life Application
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