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Soil improvement
Activated carbon can improve the ground temperature ,increase water capacity in the soil ,improve permeability,slowly release pesticide and fertilizer .thus achieve the goal of improving soil and increasing agricultural yields .It can aslo improve the soil in golf course,adsorb grass smell and significantly soften the sites.

In the process of  landfill,Ningxia baiyun series of activated carbon is mainly syitable for processing the leachate after a long time or after biological pretreatment .It can remove the organic matter with medium molecular weight ,and the removal rate of CODcr is 50%-60% .If using limestone as pretreatment ,the removal rate can be as high as 80%

Desulfurization &denitration 
The SOX and NOX emitting from coal -fired powder plants is the main culprit of global atmospheric pollution and rain.Ningxia baiyun series of activated carbon is specially designed for desulfurization and denitration from industrial flue gases in various coal -fired boilers ,thermal power plant ,iron and steel metallurgy,non-ferrous metal smelting etc.This technology is currently one of the most successfull technologies ,and has been used widely in the world.
Industrial water
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